Data Driven Decision Making.

Improving student performance through data analysis. 

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An Online Platform Built by Teachers for Teachers.

We deliver online software solutions that enable educators to improve student outcomes through data.

Organise Your Testing Data

Whole school testing data, analysis and learning plans are stored in one online central location. No more messy spreadsheets and papers.

Reduce Opportunity Costs

Our online platform stores all student results, analyses deficiencies, and creates learning plans in one central place. Save time and costs for already time starved teachers.  


Ongoing support from our qualified teachers and technicians. 

Evidence Based Learning Plans

Test data (including On Entry, NAPLAN & PAT) is transformed into a fluent learning plan document that highlights areas of concern and matches these areas to the Australian Curriculum code.   

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Our Reputation

Founded in 2000, Best Performance offers three empowering solutions: Data-Hub, CNAP and ANA. These cloud-based applications are continually updated and feature capabilities designed to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s educators. Each solution is supported by relevant Data Coaching modules designed specifically to enable teachers to become evidence based decision makers in a school environment.


Broad appeal for the time starved teacher

We are all teachers and understand the stress of planning, analysing data and creating targeted lesson plans/IEPS. Our programs will simplify this process.


Perfect for school leaders who want to make data based decisions.

All optimal decisions should based on trends and facts. Our programs will simply this process by showing leaders these patterns in an easy to read format.


What Schools are Saying:

“Give some credible evidence of your service's value with a clear and concise testimonial.  Ideally it should highlight a usecase and a benefit your service or product has provided.”
Rebecca Tuzzolino, Brand Storyteller